Hakodate Seibu chiku BAR-GAI (Autumn)

函館西部地区バル街(秋) Hakodate seibuchiku barugai (aki)

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Hakodate Seibu chiku BAR-GAI (Autumn)

Hakodate seibuchiku barugai (aki) 函館西部地区バル街(秋)

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2017/09/10 (YYYY/MM/DD) * finished

This Spanish-style gourmet food event has been held around the foot of Mt. Hakodate every spring and fall since 2004. Tickets, sold in books of five, can be used at any of the 70 or so restaurants in the area. A map indicating the participating restaurants comes with the ticket. With each ticket, you get a small side dish, or pincho, and a drink. It is a lively event, with live performances going on street corners and lots of people walking around.


  • 2:00 pm - midnight (individual hours vary)



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Around the "Jujigai" tram stop

Access from Hakodate Station

  • 5 minutes by tram to the "Jujigai" tram stop
  • To the restaurant you like.